How the most advanced gaming keyboard succeeded on Kickstarter.

When it comes to gaming, very few people in this world have the first-hand experience of Luis “Deilor” Sevilla. He’s the former Fnatic League of Legends head coach and two time EU LCS champion. It’s safe to say this man lives on a gaming keyboard. He noticed that the keyboard that is used for gaming has barely changed in 30 years. This outdated keyboard is part of the cause of injuries to his players.

Legendary League of Legends and StarCraft II tournament player, Hai “Hai” Lam is no different.

He said in a recent post:

“I can play Xbox games on a controller, or even a little of other games like League or Dota or whatever, but whenever I play even two to three games of SC2, my hands end up killing me that entire week.”

That’s when Luis envisioned and created the Dygma Raise, the world’s most advanced gaming keyboard. Unlike traditional keyboards, this specialized gaming keyboard splits in two to keep the hands and wrists at the optimal position for lighting fast moves. For easy reference, you can also program in different key combos and illuminate them with the built-in colored lights.

It’s safe to say no other gaming keyboard comes close to the Dygma Raise. Now the only question was, how to get the word out.

It started small

Last January Luis came out with an early prototype called the Shortcut. It was different but had similar ergonomic advantages”. He put the word out on social media that gamers could win 5 prototypes and the emails came flooding in. Over three thousand of them. It was then that Luis knew he had something special. He spent the next several months perfecting the Shortcut that eventually became the final product called Dygma Raise.

Now that he had a final product to show he began running Facebook ads targeted towards gamers. The ads linked to a landing page where people could sign up for the launch list and early adopters could get the product at a 40% discount. Six thousand more emails came in from these efforts at around .5 Euros towards the end of the campaign. Finally, approximately one thousand came in from the company’s website bringing the total list size to about ten thousand leads. All of the signups received a series of emails where Luis introduced himself, the problem, the solution, and then told the group they were soon launching on Kickstarter.

The Launch

On the day of launch, Luis sent out an email to the list letting know the day had come. The list responded by preordering $50k worth of the keyboards. By day two the number had risen above $70k and $100k by day four! At the time of this writing, Dygma has raised $124,000 and still has 22 days left in its campaign.


The keys to crowdfunding success with the Kickstarter gaming community are:

Have a great product and get an influencer to say something good about it. In this case, Luis was the expert and inventor.
Build a landing page where people can join the launch list.
Run targeted FB ads to drive people to the landing page.
Use emails to nurture the leads and educate people BEFORE you go live.
Send a launch day email.
Do updates every few days to keep your backers engaged.

Check out the Dygma Raise on Kickstarter today:

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