crowdfunding tips from the pros


Eli Regalado (CEO)

Eli Regalado is the founder and Chief of Madness at Mad Hatter Agency. He’s a sought after speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship, product launches, crowdfunding, and marketing.

He has taught over 13,000 entrepreneurs globally how to launch their products using digital marketing.

Big on building social capital for his clients, Eli has personally worked with some of the greatest minds on the planet including Apple Founder Steve Wozniak, Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales, Internet inventors Larry Roberts and Vint Cerf, Eight Latin American Presidents, and many many more.

Eli also started a grassroots political movement with a few other friends that boasts over 1mm Facebook fans and has been featured on the front page of the Washington Post, Fox, CNN, MSNBC and other politically charged and seldom correct media outlets.

Everything Eli does is to challenge the status quo of what is possible.

Eli Regalado is a sought after kickstarter consultant

Nicole Brown (COO)

Nicole Brown is the Queen of Mischief. Upon graduating top of her class at Colorado State University she decided to jump into the exciting world of crowdfunding. She enjoys discovering new and innovative ways of connecting products with influencers and harnessing the speed and power of the web. Nicole handles all client relations and project manages each and every campaign. When Nicole isn’t working on the next big product launch you can find her nose in a book, on a plane, in the sky, heading for somewhere she’s never been but always wanted to go. Adventure is seed of creativity and creativity is the oil which runs our clients marketing machines.

Nicole Regalado is the COO of our crowdfunding agency

Kurt Turner (Head of Advertising & PR)

Kurt Turner is the muscle that takes ideas into actual practice.  His creativity and unique ability to create win-win situations for clients were responsible for two of his past employers selling their companies for multiple 7 figures.

When it comes to coming up with a catchy headline, or getting a client into that major publication, or turning around ad campaigns to drive sales….you’d be hard pressed to find someone better than Kurt.

Nicole Regalado is the COO of our crowdfunding agency