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How To Explode A Tech Product On Indiegogo

Crowdfunding tips for charge asap indiegogo campaign

When Vinson Leow created the world’s fastest pocket-sized battery pack he had one goal in mind. A successful crowdfunding campaign. He had seen other successful portable power bank campaign owners raise multiple six figures, garner loads of media attention, and satisfy the power cravings of fast moving mobile power users. At the time of this […]

Crowdfunding Agency Case Study – $109,000 for MyCanoe!

crowdfunding tips for mycanoe on kickstarter

Crowdfunding Agency Case Study How To Raise Over $100,000 on Kickstarter.   A step-by-step case study that shows the ad strategy, PR strategy, what worked, what didn’t, and more. When businessman and inventor Jay Lee first approached Mad Hatter Agency,  (our crowdfunding agency) we were blown away with how simple, complex, and awesome his invention […]

How to raise $90,000 on Kickstarter! Martin Kessler spills his guts.

crowdfunding tips by martin kessler

One of my crowdfunding students emailed me and told me that my course helped him raise over $90,000! (course link here: What’s even cooler is they still have 10 days left! When I heard that I knew I just had to get him on Skype so he could tell everyone exactly how he did it. […]