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Founded in 2013, Mad Hatter Agency is a full-service agency specializing in Kickstarter marketing, promotions, digital advertising, and ecommerce. Our crowdfunding knowledge is extensive, our retargeting capability is unmatched, and our multi-step product testing and launch strategy is built on 10+ years of expertise, and over 500 products launched from start to finish. We help raise our clients MILLIONS!

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Our team optimizes ad campaigns through strategic planning, growth hacking, optimization, custom audience creation, design and testing. If you want to increase your online sales and social media following we can set your business on fire!

Kickstarter & Indiegogo

From lead generation, lead nurturing, social media development, email marketing, campaign copywriting, and promotion - we got you covered! Our team is dedicated to you and your product, we guide you step by step to a successful raise.

Google & YouTube PPC

Our team gets your product in front of the right audience at the right time. With the combination of consistent monitoring and fine-tuning we improve your paid searches in real time. Our testing phase allows us to find new sales opportunities efficiently and cost effectively.

Ecommerce Sales Funnels

We offer a full suite of digital marketing services that will increase site traffic, maximize your ROI, and most of all sell more products! We specialize in email marketing, abandoned cart recovery, web design, content development, and more.

Our Recent Projects

Dragon Eye Dice

$1,023,889 on Kickstarter

View Campaign

Origami Paddler

$3,835,587 on Kickstarter

The Level Up

$1,204,659 on Kickstarter

Tucktec Kayak

$1,925,728 on Kickstarter

Ice Dice

$520,295 on Kickstarter

Dygma Defy

$997,000 on Kickstarter

Success Stories

"As the sole inventor and entrepreneur behind my product, I’ve faced a lot of challenges to bring it to market. With Kurt and his team at Mad Hatter Agency, though, getting my product in front of customers has been the easiest part of this journey so far. As an organization, their passion for what they do shows up in everything from the way they communicate with me to the care they take in ensuring my budget is used as effectively as possible. The results I have seen so far have been amazing. I find myself recommending this great team of people to anyone that may have use for their awesome services!"

- Dan Brown

Uprite Storage Rack

"Several hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns and all run with the help of Mad Hatter Agency. In the world of crowdfunding one of the first and possible most important questions is whether your idea is going to be a success or not. Having Mad Hatter on our side allowed us to not only find our potential audience but to establish, well before the Kickstarter launch, whether our creations had a market at all. By careful analysis of the data collected from our ads, Mad Hatter was able to establish our probability of success well before launch, removing a large part of the risk from the crowdfunding experience. They weren’t able to tell the future but by showing us the numbers we were able to launch with more confidence. We now use them for every campaign we run.

- Jon Lunn

Spidermind Games

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Whether you need an all-encompassing strategy or assistance with a single service, we provide value for your new product launch. We off crowdfunding, product development, and digital marketing services, all under one roof.

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